Boom Boom Seperates from Zalmi

Lalla revealed the secret – A very few people are so blessed as the promising Pathan is. Boom Boom, lalla, Shahid Khan Afridi the man who kept the record of fastest century scorer has given sublime memories to Pakistani cricket fans, there were occasions when lalla single handily led Pakistan to victory. Boom Boom Afridi who has been part of Peshawar Zalmi team in Pakistan Super League (season 1 and season 2) has now decided to separate from the Zalmi (it must be noted that the franchise is owned by Javaid Afridi, brother of Shahid K. Afridi). This gave birth to several questions and public and media persons have got a breaking news and a topic to discuss In their programs.

  • Why did Afridi left Zalmi.
  • Why had he joined Kings and why not other.
  • What a are intentions of Afridi.
  • Javid clashe with Afridi

So on and so forth, there were lots of Questions that needed to be answered on immediate grounds. So the boom boom himself came on the front foot to clear everything.


Lets hear this all from The man himself- What Afridi has to say

I really don’t want emphasized in the press,” said Afridi while speaking to Saleem Safi in Geo News’ programme Jirga. “I watched Javed’s vision shifting with time. I didn’t want to be a hindrance in his new targets and vision. I have a lot of commitments to my base, so I would not have the ability to present my services completely. There plenty of jobs of my base I need to place my attention on.” These folks have the best of our services.” Cricket for a couple of years, until I believe I am fit,” said Afridi of the future strategies.

All-rounder Shahid Afridi on Sunday revealed the reason which led from the Pakistan Super League outfit Peshawar Zalmi to his exodus. Afridi, on March 25, tweeted his decision to part ways after playing two seasons for the side — the captain and next after committing the leadership to West Indies’ two-time World T20 captain Darren Sammy. Shahid Afridi parts ways with Peshawar Zalmi

Ronaldinho pays tribute to Afridi before Pakistan trip Meanwhile, he is also focusing on Shahid Afridi Foundation’s (SAF) projects. “I have worked with a great deal of NGOs for the previous nine years during earthquakes and floods. I’ve seen the suffering closely. I would like to put my attempt in for them [via SAF]. I have not made my base to compete with another NGO, it is only a mean to an end”

In a gathering Afridi made it clear, “I started off with a two-room clinic’s idea but finally it took From the limelight never arrived to prime time news for a great deal of controversies but his name about any off-the-pitch scandals. Afridi, Younis unveil 2017 Champions Trophy at Edhi Centre “I wed in an early age to avoid controversies, not to diverge from a straight route,” said Afridi in an effort to explain why he never became a fanatic for the tabloids. However, on the issue of marriage, Afridi said he’s also and it is wished for by every man.

Will impact the relationship that both Afridi’s families discuss, the 37-year-old said: “These items don’t influence our families’ friendship as opposed.” Afridi, known as Boom Boom for his aggressive batting style said that the decision was postponed due to a couple commitments he needed with Zalmi. “I wanted to take this choice following the PSL closing but I needed to meet a couple duties with Peshawar Zalmi so I postponed it a little. But, I did want to acquire the PSL with Peshawar Zalmi and we did that.”

“There are a few personal things Afridi explains “No matter Imran bhai has done is great, may Almighty provide him more success it Second time,” Afridi said laughing. “Many do it while some maintain needing it. Mine is also a desire only.” Future plans. Afridi retired throughout the next edition of the recently concluded PSL — from the T20Is — the last format he represented in Pakistan, but he isn’t planning to say good bye into cricket.

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